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Toy Fair 2005

Author Frank Patz

And a good time was had by all.

Toy Fair 2005

Hello everyone! I have to tell you that Toy Fair 2005 was a COMPLETE success for We were extremely well received by all of the Toy Companies and could not have asked for a better week! I also would like to thank you all for supporting us and helping us grow in the past few months.

We took so long to put the pictures up because we feel that we are not a "News Site". There are plenty of other sites out there that bring you guys the pictures first, and some do it well. We wanted to take the time to make it a little more personal.

So what happened at Toy Fair? The question should be what didn't happen at Toy Fair! Robert and I arrived at the Jacob Javits Center all decked out and ready to spread the word about one of the most unique Collector websites on the planet. After the first few great responses, we were prepared to get a few bad ones, but they never came! In fact, they just kept getting better! Everyone absolutely LOVED! In fact, some of them already knew who we were!!

TyWe approached Ty Warner, creator of the "Beanie Babies" and he did like our Idea, and directed us to his main marketing man so we may contact them in the future about doing a story on their company.

We went to ToyBiz, makers of the great "Marvel Legends" and "Lord of the Rings" action figures, and met with Jesse Falcon. What a great guy! He was totally into our website and promised to check us out!

We then bumped into Tommy Tallarico and Victor Lucas from the G4 Tech TV shows "The electric Playground" and "Judgment day". How surprised were we when we find out that they had already heard of the site! Amazing! These are 2 great guys and Collectors as well. Victor has a huge Comic Book Collection and Tommy has a huge Comic Book and Spiderman Collection as well. You guys will be hearing more about these 2 in the future.


Then there was Sideshow Toy. Let me say something, there are professional companies and then there are ones that take it to the next level. Sideshow Toy is one of these companies. What a bunch of great people! They TOTALLY took care of us and made us feel at home. Brant Bridges, who is the Production Manager, is one hell of a great guy and a pleasure to deal with. They had the best looking displays and the best looking product. I am talking museum quality stuff. I have always loved Sideshow's Toys, but I will now definitely be making most of my purchases with this company. From the James Bond line, to Star Wars, To Planet of the Apes, all I can say is Bravo!

Everyone else was great and very accommodating to us. From, Bandai, Art Asylum (Hello Donna!), Medicom, 21st Century, Master Replicas, Diamond, and all the other leaders in their industry. We were also well received by the online toy press and look forward to be working with them in the future.


All in all, it was a Great show and a big success for We really could not have asked for a better response from all the companies and as you can tell by this note, we are VERY excited. The next upcoming months will be very interesting.

We will continue to bring you the coolest Collections, "Action Shots", Customs, and other news from the Collecting world as well as some new suprises! We have a lot of ideas to make this site one of the top Collecting sites in the world.

And as the saying goes..... You aint seen nothing yet!

Frank Patz

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by Frank