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The Collectors Realm

Author Robert Covarrubias

The Collectors Realm

Here’s a question for anyone who has collected something in their life, are you always looking for the best possible way to display it and show it off? Come on, I know you must have thought of it once. Well I’m of the belief that if you collect something then it is your duty to display it and show it off otherwise why collect it? At my home I am always searching for my collector’s realm, MY space, the place that I go to for peace and tranquility, much like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.

For the last couple of years since I moved into my apartment in Queens and started collecting to the extreme, I am always looking for the best way to display my toys and memorabilia. Those that know me can tell you that I am a huge Batman fan and collector and nothing makes me happier than to see the faces of those who gaze upon my collection. Unfortunately my mini museum had to be taken down and its items put into storage.

Let’s start at the beginning, when I first moved into my small apartment in Queens with my wife and son there was an extra room available that didn’t really have any real function other than my little office. As my collection grew the office began to look more like a shrine or Batman temple. Each week more and more Batman items would grow on the walls and book shelves like mold, eventually I graduated to my first display case. Now, that was the best day of my collecting life. My very first display case, now I was an official collector. Whenever I felt stressed I would walk into my collector room and zone out in my chair taking in my prized possessions, whenever I was sad I would do the same. I would run in the room if I heard the slightest sound fearing that something had fallen off the shelf. I was in heaven until one day it all came down, ALL OF IT. Why? Because I had become too distracted with my collection and couldn’t focus on anything else while I was working in that room. Perhaps some time away from my collectibles would bring me back down to earth.

About six months later I was having withdrawal symptoms and needed to get my stuff back one way or the other. I couldn’t take the emptiness of the room anymore so I decided to get my stuff back from storage and re-create my collector’s room having more of a distinct separation from office area to display area.

Once again my collection went up and within a few months came down again, what happened now? My cousin came to stay with us for a year while she attended beauty school, I wanted to help her out so I made a sacrifice, and Family always comes first. So everything went right back into storage.

DSC00468Now between the times my collection first went up and my cousin staying with us my wife and I had two babies a year apart. I can’t begin to describe the joys of fatherhood and the pain I feel when the little guys try to grab at one of my collectibles which they have on many occasions.

Anyway, my cousin does her year of beauty school, graduates and moves back home. So I figured back to my collector’s room and this time I have it all planned out with a whole new design. Unfortunately my wife didn’t see it that way, because of the added two kids my office/display room will be no more. So my older son gets his own room instead of sharing one with the rug rats. The little guys share the second bed room and my wife and I stay in the third. Life really sucks about now because now when I get stressed out I have nowhere to go. The bathroom became my fortress of solitude for some time. When I did get that withdrawal feeling I turned to my old photos on the Eternal Collector website but it just wasn’t enough. I began to crave my stuff, I needed to see it and touch it once again but couldn’t decide how until two month ago.

I noticed that my wife didn’t really spend any time in our bedroom, all she ever did in there was sleep, so a light bulb went off. Attempting to be as charming as possible I calmly explained to my wife how much I miss my collection and how much it would mean to me if I could just bring a couple of things back from storage to display so that I can feel better during those stressful moments. She agreed and Phase 1 was in effect. The next day I headed out to storage and brought back every bin and box that holds my collectibles. I began putting up shelves, bringing back my glass display case and displaying as much as I could before my wife got back home. I figured if my collection was up there was no way she would make me take it down after I worked so hard on it all day. Later that day she came home to her newly decorated bedroom. I wasn’t sure what to expect but she wasn’t expecting what she saw, toys everywhere. Lucky for me she was fine with it and that’s when I decided to take it all the way. I bought a second glass display case and a third case made out of Plexiglas and hooked it all up.

Today my wife and I sleep in my display room, sweet. But there was still one problem, the little guys. My 2 and 3yr old boys were constantly trying to grab whatever wasn’t behind glass and actually succeeding. One day I came home to find that my corgi Batmobiles which were on top of my dresser were all gone. I immediately panicked and asked my wife if she had seen anyone touch my stuff, she said no and walked with me to the last room where I found my 3yr old on the floor playing with all my corgi batmobiles. I yelled “Alex what are you doing?” while my wife interjected “now, Alex you know you’re not supposed to touch Daddy’s toys” my son was quick to respond “those are mine, daddy gave them to me” all I could do was laugh. I let him keep one of the newer ones that I could still find at the local comic shop and since then everything has been displayed high and out of reach. They still stare into my display case and bang their big baby heads against it in order to knock some figures down but I made sure everything was secure and now everyone is happy. My oldest son has his own room again, my little ones share a nice room and I get my display room/bedroom. It’s not perfect but it will do for now but I still need to figure out my office situation. Hmm, well there’s always the bathroom.


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