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Dinner of the Dead!

Author Don "Don of the Dead" Hinrichs

Dinner of the Dead!

How am I going to write this?

I've thought about this ever since it was even hinted it would happen in April 2006.

How does one have people over to his house that he has idolized and followed on the movie screen for years and not gush like a huge geek? How would I put the excitement I felt in my heart and bones onto a computer screen?

I've written and deleted this story 3 times in the last 2 months.

As I sit here now and think about it I get chills, the good kind of chills, Christmas morning when your 8 years old chills. It seems like a dream, I walk through my house and it will hit me like a brick.

Sid Haig sat here.

Bill Moseley stood here.

Ken Foree touched this figure.

Michael Berryman asked about this picture.

For the 2 people on the planet I haven't excitedly told my story to, I was honored to have 4 of my favorite Horror actors over to my house for dinner.


Sid Haig, best known as Captain Spaulding in the Devils Rejects.


Bill Moseley, best known as Otis in The Devils Rejects or Choptop in Texas Chainsaw 2


Ken Foree, best known as Peter Washington in the original Dawn of the Dead.


Michael Berryman, best known as Pluto from the original The Hills Have Eyes.

It all started as a bit of a joke. I joined Sid's message board "The Murder Ride" a couple years ago after first seeing "House of 1000 Corpses" and have gotten to know him and his fiancée Suzie fairly well. I joked that if they ever came to Minnesota we'd throw a big dinner for them. I was also on Ken and Bills boards as well and welcomed them over should they come to MN.


Well around April 2006 I discovered Minnesota was having a horror convention "Crypticon: Circus of Terror". The guest list included Sid, Bill and Michael, a few weeks later Ken was added.
I wanted do invite the guys over for several reasons. Of course the 1st reason that springs to most peoples minds is "Duh! Who wouldn't want their favorite stars at their house for dinner?" And I won't lie, that was a thought, a story to tell my children and grandchildren about, not to mention fellow horror fans.
But I had another reason.
This was my "Thank You" to them.

dotd08When I'm having a bad day, work gets tough, a fight with the wife, the pressures of the world just keep kicking me in the ass I always know where I can go. I can go to my DVD player and pop in my favorite horror movies and escape from my problems. I can transport myself to a mall surrounded by flesh eating zombies, hunt the desert with a cannibalistic clan of killers, or hit the road with my favorite serial killer family, and during that time, the bills, the fights, the BS of the real world goes away.

I also wanted to thank them for being accessible. How many movie/music/sports stars out there have websites in which to interact with their fans? A better question is if they have such a site, do they go on themselves? Or just let an underling pose as them.

But not these guys.

They do live chats, answer questions, wish you happy birthday, and give advice and support when life throws you a curve. When was the last time Tom Cruise gave you helpful advice on a bad break-up?


September 16th my dream came true. I had sent invites to Ken, Bill and Sid (and Sid's fiancée Suzie, who sadly, took sick before the con and couldn't attend) and I invited Michael and his lovely wife Patty upon meeting them at the con. The convention ended for the evening, and we all gathered at Sid's table. We figured out driving arrangements. Bill would ride with fellow Murder Rider Jason (You're welcome buddy!) and his friend; Ken would ride with his 2 friends, Sid, Michael, Patty, and our other Murder Ride friend Tracy would ride with me. The ride was fun, but I was a bit nervous, would dinner turn out? Would I be able to pull this off without coming off as a total geek?


We chatted, enjoyed the scenery, the leaves were just starting to change. Finally we get to my place, a literal caravan of Horror icons pulling up my driveway. We all get out and stretch our legs, I welcome them to my home and take them inside, everyone gets to meet my wife Jessi who is running around like a mad-woman cooking. She has prepared a Turkey, a Ham, stuffing, 2 kinds of potatoes, corn, green bean casserole, biscuits, croissants, and homemade bread. For Tracy, the vegetarian of our group, she made stuffed mushrooms (Which Ken ended up loving too!). Everyone sat down and dug in, the food was perfect (not that I expected it not to be, Jessi is one of the best cooks I know) everyone had a bit of everything and soon, everyone was stuffed, Jessi had made pies, but everyone was too full to even give em' a try.


After dinner, I gave Michael and Patty a tour of my Toy Tomb; Michael was impressed and the amount of figures and we had a short conversation about how he had not yet received the action figure treatment (Anyone out there reading this? NECA? SOTA? Sideshow? Helloooo?) We got a nice picture in front of the collection and then we went downstairs. Michael, Patty, Bill and I walked across the street to get a look at the lake, the sun was just setting and it looked wonderful. We got back and Jessi was giving Sid a tour of the toy Tomb, Bill and I came in and we all talked a bit, Sid and I figured out I'm only 2 shy of having ALL action figure incarnations of him. We got a quick photo in front of my House of 1000 Corpses/Devils Rejects collection and Sid headed down, next walks in Ken Foree (another man badly in need of a figure! NECA! I'm looking at you!) He loved the room and really liked the Wesley Snipes Blade figures. We also got a photo, a comical pose as to say, "Where is my figure at?"


After this it was time to go, everyone was tired and full and wanted to get back to the motel. Jessi got goodbye hugs and thanks from everyone (And a nice kiss on the cheek from Mr. Ken Foree! Woo! Woo!) We drove back and Sid told some great stories about working with Don Adams on the TV show "Get Smart" the ride back went by too quickly, soon we were back at the motel and everyone piled out. We said "see you tomorrow" to each other and I drove home, my mind slowly absorbing what can honestly be called, the coolest night of my life.


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